Why It's Important To Us All.


The premise for Good Kloth was to engineer a product that would, “Do Good by the People that Do Good”. The Good Kloth Company was established with the intent to provide technically engineered uniforms and adaptive apparel that directly addressed the needs of our essential workers. Those we consider to be heroes. We design our uniforms for the men and women that wear them, and that live in them for more hours than many of us can imagine. In all areas where Good Kloth has a presence, with our initial focus being specifically in Health Care industry, our goal is to develop a product that reflects our dedication to the well-being of those that are working tirelessly to keep us well.

The direct correlation between illnesses and hygiene has never been so clearly illustrated as it is now in our current environment. We are dedicated to developing and delivering customized apparel for differentiated work-forces across industries as a proactive measure to combating potential contagions that inhibit companies, communities, and economies from functioning as intended. There are far-reaching financial and humanitarian implications that drive the desire for preventative applications of technology like, Vblock, to pioneer a path to regaining normalcy and safety in this our "new normal".