The Meaning Behind M4H.



Our brand and its product revolves around a clear and personal statement directed toward those for which this it was developed. "Made 4 Heroes" is a small, but impactful message that is expressly intended for the wearer of the scrubs that will only appear on the interior of the garments. It is a personal conveyance by us, to them. We do believe; however, everyone should know what "M4H" stands for. We want this acronym to be a movement that everyone can get behind and build momentum around because we all believe in our heroes. The "M4H" will be subtly visible on the exterior of all our garments.

The 4 in M4H has a meaning behind it as well, the number represents the attributes of the scrubs and uniforms.

  1. Antimicrobial ( safety )
  2. Odor control (hygiene)
  3. Durability (performance)
  4. 4-way stretch (comfort) 

 Our Commitment:

The words “Made 4 Heroes” are not a marketing tagline, they represent our intent. Our scrubs are designed and made by us, with the purpose to contribute to the safety of our heroes, the healthcare professionals, frontline workers, and caregivers of our communities. When we say, “Made by The Good Kloth Team, For Our Heroes”, it’s a reality, not a notion. The expressions of gratitude found inside our garments are more than feel-good sayings, they are statements of our commitment to, “Do Good by the people that Do Good”.